The business

Photo Profil

Originating from a crazy idea of displaying sculptures on a vacant land of the Mont-Tremblant region located in the Laurentians, our business is without a doubt a must for the curious, tourists and art lovers.

Whether it’s for landscaping or interior decor, our mission is to offer original and exclusive wood artwork destined to embellish our clientele’s environment.

Our pieces are sculpted from softwood logs of superior quality (white pine and cedar), to ensure that our finished product can last through time.


The artist


A drawing enthusiast from a very young age, Tony Fortin took advantage of the nature surrounding him in his native region of Abitibi, to accomplish his very first artworks and sketches. His constant proximity with raw material allowed him to develop a passion for wood work.

Tony graduated in 2001 with a college degree in woodwork creation at Institut des métiers d’art de Montréal, and grasped the opportunities to develop sculpture on wood during his career path, to become, in 2005, self-employed in ornamental sculpture. From that moment, all of his days are filled with architectural sculpted components, commercial signs as well as low reliefs. The last few years allowed him to express himself through three-dimensional and log carving. Hence, the self-made artist tackles the creative aspect of his trade.

His active participation in defending animal rights guided the artist in him to adopt an engaging approach of his ideology. Through caricature and a realistic style, Tony Fortin enjoys the use of irony, which is bordering subtlety yet creating an impact, to denigrate hypocrisy and epidemiological selfishness. A considerable amount of his creations gravitates around the treatment inflicted to animals and nature, in a universe that we massacre consciously a little more each day.